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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Michael Enyart

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Michael Enyart, Wealth Strategist, Registered Representative

This week’s Spotlight shines on Michael Enyart, the most senior member of our team, who has been with us since 2017. Since 2018, he has been head of case design and planning, showcasing his exceptional leadership abilities and commitment to our clients. As a Registered Representative, he brings invaluable expertise with a deep understanding of the financial landscape to the WD Wealth Strategies team.

Michael is a driving force on the team to push the envelope on excellence, innovation, and growth. He comments, “I love that whatever we do, we are always striving to produce the very best version of a product, a strategy, or an investment. Our goal is that our efforts actually produce over-the-top outcomes for our clients. The way I see it, we will continue to explore and vet the very best investment options and add the expertise to drive and deliver these options until we are doing everything there is to do in the industry. And, do it better than anyone else in the industry.

Michael, I heard a rumor that you truly are a Colorado native..

Yes, that’s a fact. I grew up in Arvada and lived there until very recently when I relocated to Lone Tree. 

And, as you went to college, how was it you came to pursue your current path?

While I was still in high school, I took advantage of a relatively new program at the time called Dual Enrollment which is a collaboration that enables students to enroll in college courses and apply the credits to both high school and college degree programs. While attending Red Rocks Community College, I secured my first position in finance. I'd known Will Duffy for about 10 years at that point and he brought me in for an internship for Kingstone Insurance Company.” 

Since you are a native, are you feeling the itch to move somewhere else, or see new horizons? Or is living in Colorado where you want to be?

Really, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Having been here my whole life, I’m so deeply rooted here. I don’t see myself ever moving away. For me, it all revolves around my family and my friends who I would never want to be too far away from. 

I am also very content with the climate and all the options for outdoor activities. The summers here are beautiful and I enjoy hiking and rock climbing. Even in the fall and winter we have so many warm days to enjoy being outdoors.” 

So, please amplify the details about what you do at WD Wealth Strategies.

So, I’m a Wealth Strategist, which means most of my day falls into three buckets. Bucket number one is meeting with clients. You know, probably my greatest passion is teaching, and meeting with clients feeds that passion. This can involve explaining a product or concept to the client, or enlightening them about strategies to save on taxes. So, meeting with clients goes hand in hand with educating them. My second bucket is maintaining the client relationship by following up with them via email or phone calls to ensure there is clarity about the finer aspects of our transactions, or tracking forward the on-going processes of their investments with us. The final bucket entails researching new strategies. It is pivotal that I be as familiar as possible with every conceivable mechanism to save on taxes and make money. Here is where creativity is just as crucial as technical knowledge. It’s almost like art to be able to find whether it’s a tax loophole or something that adds efficiency, right? Because it’s one thing to just make a lot of money, but being efficient makes a bigger difference in the long-run. So, from my perspective, I want every strategy to make the maximum impact and that requires that I be both technically savvy and creative.

As the person with the most tenure here at WD Wealth, can you speak to how WD Wealth has evolved and where you see the company going? 

So I love that whatever we do, we are always striving to produce the very best version of a product, a strategy, or an investment. And as a team we are always tweaking our systems to push forward to be the very best version of ourselves as a company. We want to make our efforts produce over-the-top outcomes for our clients. It has been so cool to be involved in the dynamics of becoming better and better each day. It thrills me to see the company expand from perhaps two sectors to now offering so many different lines of service and products. The way I see it, we will continue to explore and vet the very best investment options for our clients and add the expertise to drive and deliver these options until we are doing everything there is to do in the industry and do it better than anyone else in the industry.

In the time I have been here, I have to say I am most impressed, down to a person, with the quality of team we have acquired. It amazes me the consistent work ethic, the drive to learn and grow, the nuances of expertise that I see in each team member here. Everyone blows me away with their various skill sets, their dedication, their integrity.

If you had to name your favorite movie what would that be? 

 I would say The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. If I had to choose one, The Two Towers stands out as my favorite of the three. I think it’s the most well cast movie. It is very well produced and has a great story of course.

Do you have an interesting or favorite quote you’d like to share?

Socrates said this: ‘It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.’

What about recommended reading? Is there a favorite book you are reading now?

I have two books to recommend. The first one is Principles by Ray Dalio. He so insightfully covers the ground on growing a business. It’s a very amazing book. 

And just for fun, I have greatly enjoyed the book Dune by Frank Herbert. It’s a very, very different science fiction novel. It artfully combines the experiences and feelings of the future while at the same time playing out the feelings and the experiences of the past.

Can you share a favorite podcast that you follow that relates to finance?

Well, it’s not technically a podcast. I am following a YouTube show called The Graham Stephan Show. He is a millennial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and financial enthusiast who shares his passion for personal finance. I think it’s entertaining and educational. I think people tend to learn more when the content is not just educational but entertaining as well. 


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