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Exclusive Services

WD Wealth is uniquely qualified to handle all three aspects of financial planning – wealth accumulation, wealth distribution/succession, and tax planning. Our holistic viewpoint provides advice that seamlessly integrates with our clients’ complex personal and business finances.

Tax Planning

Our goal at WD Wealth is to save you six figures on your tax bill using beneficial strategies, as permitted by IRS tax law. Our overriding philosophy is simple: a proper financial foundation is built on wealth efficiency and tax strategies. We create an edge using a number of unconventional but time-tested and trusted methods.


Asset Management

Our objective is to increase your wealth over time with a carefully diversified portfolio based on your risk tolerance, goals, and other factors. Through our experience, we've learned that a diverse mix of investments (including alternative investments like commercial real estate, private energy, private equity, etc.) can be highly effective in mitigating risk during times of high volatility in the markets.


Bank Replacement Strategy
Life insurance is a particularly important consideration for wealthy and high net worth individuals. However, life insurance is more than just a safety net for the security of your loved ones. We can show you how the right combination of life insurance products may be able to replace your bank.


CPA Services

NEW! We now offer CPA services, helping you with your tax returns in-house for a holistic and comprehensive assesment and implementation of our strategies.


Property & Casualty Insurance

NEW! Whether you're safeguarding your business, home, or valuable assets, our new P&C offerings are crafted to meet your individual requirements. We have innovative strategies for larger clients' needs and comprehensive reviews and comparisons for all clients.


Alternative Investments
Our strategic partnerships allow our clients to gain acces to representatives offering alternative investments everywhere from multi-family housing to farmland to senior housing and everything in between.


Family Flow Chart

Our proprietary Family Flow Chart shows all of your assets and investments in one convenient location so we can both see a visual representation of your unique financial picture.


Subject Matter Experts

We have cultivated a team of third-party subject matter experts to work in tandem with us to provide additional strategies, estate planning, legal advice, and more.


Remote Online Notary

NEW! Get your documents legally notarized online with our in-house eNotary. We work to remove the hassle and reduce the steps you need to take to get important strategies in place.

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