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Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Moog Kim, Paraplanner, CFP®

This week’s Spotlight features insights about and from another member of our paraplanner staff at WD Wealth, Moog Kim, CFP®. Interestingly, Moog and Jason both came to our Colorado office from Ohio. And, both are graduates of the University of Cincinnati. As this year closes, we celebrate that Moog, not only completed, but conquered two arduous challenges. He completed his first marathon (at altitude, no less) and his certification as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. 

It goes without saying that our team benefits greatly because of Moog’s passion for delivering exceptional financial solutions. His commitment to teamwork, passion for learning, and his camaraderie all define how he navigates delivering exceptional customer service to internal and external clients. 

Moog, you may be the most traveled team member here at WD Wealth. Can you fill us in on your journey to Colorado?

You are right about that! I was born in Atlanta where my father was studying for his advanced degrees to become a professor of Finance. I lived in five cities before I was eight. During all those travels, I got to live with my grandmother for a year in Korea. That’s an experience not every kid gets to have! My parents eventually settled down in Ohio where I lived until moving to Colorado. After high school I attended Ohio State for a semester. I quickly transferred to the University of Cincinnati, where I got my Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. 

Around that time, my sister had already moved to Colorado. While visiting her, I found a job here as a bookkeeper for a small business and was able to work remotely while I was finishing up my last year in college. After completing my studies, I moved to Colorado. At some point, my brother-in-law connected me to Will Duffy regarding an open New Business Coordinator position specializing in alternative investments. 

Since moving here, how do you feel about living in Colorado? Is it where you want to be?

I do like living here! Obviously, the weather's a lot nicer than it is in Ohio. It still amazes me that Colorado averages over 300 days of sunshine each year. With all that sunshine, there are so many options for outdoor activity: snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, camping. I am also enjoying city life. There are so many entertainment venues and a great variety of restaurants. Every day, there are new activities to explore, places to see. Another thing that I do enjoy is the opportunity to meet and connect with people.

And, as you went to college, how was it you came to pursue your current path?

Yeah, I've always been a people pleaser, and I've always been attracted to helping others. Initially, all my thoughts about a career involved the medical field. At first I explored doing biomedical engineering. After that I pursued pharmacy, as it involved helping people. I came to realize that all of those career choices weren't the right fit. It’s ironic that I ran hard away from following in my father’s footsteps. I deliberately did not want to go into finance. Ha! As it turns out, finance actually checked all my boxes: it utilized my analytical and mathematical skills, as well as being a vocation where I can help people in a tangible way. Finance is a good fit for me. Each day I get to be creative, I get to be analytical, and I get to help people by creating these financial plans and implementing them. 

A couple of years ago, a random thing happened that confirms the great fit I actually have in finance and working at WD Wealth. When I first started here several years ago, I struggled with the idea of how much impact I actually have on people’s lives. z, I turned a corner on these doubts after our team flew down to Puerto Rico and met Kira Golden. In the course of our chat, she said something that resonated deeply with me. She revealed that initially, she also questioned the impact she alone could make on the world. She drove home the point that she was able through financial planning, to help investors achieve their  goals, so that they could make an impact on their world. In fact, as time went on,  she saw again and again how impactful her expertise is to those who are driven to change the world. By extension, I realized that my expertise and financial planning are conduits for countless dreams to come true for our clients at WD Wealth.” 

So, please amplify the details about what you do at WD Wealth Strategies.

I am on the paraplanner team here. We act as a bridge between the clients and the Wealth Strategists. The Wealth Strategists meet one-on-one with our clients and we undergird those meetings by doing all the research and information intake so we can work together to create these amazing plans to present to our clients. It’s important that our planning documents are clear and concise. Another aspect of our position is to engage with third-party vendors on behalf of our clients to find innovative investment opportunities, and manage processes for the Wealth Strategists and our clients. 

 A distinctive piece that I bring to the team is being a Certified Financial Planner. Just after moving to Colorado, I began studying and testing to get this certification. Last summer, I completed all my exams and experiential requirements to earn my certification. In a nutshell, the CFP signifies a high level of expertise and ethical conduct in the field of financial planning. It assures clients that the planner has met rigorous standards and possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to provide sound financial advice. Each member of our financial team pursues their unique certification and advancement in the industry. The synergy of each person’s diverse educational pursuits makes our financial team even stronger.

From your perspective, what is distinctive about working here? 

Yeah, I am so impressed with how we emphasize creativity. Our creativity sets us apart and puts us on the cutting edge of all our unique tax and investment strategies. Also, when we consider and review all the law changes and regulatory measures, it is crucial to be innovative and intentional in reviewing these before presenting them to our clients Also, I greatly value that we are committed to not being stagnant, that we are constantly growing in our processes, our relationships, our offerings to our clients. We're not just offering the cookie-cutter solutions that everyone else is offering.

WD Wealth is not like any other wealth management company that I’ve been exposed to or heard of. The culture of collaboration and the team support dynamics are phenomenal. We all work hard and we also enjoy each other’s company outside of work. What I see each work day from each team member is a striving to be better at their own personal work and tasks. And, being around that energy is contagious. The culture here truly is an iron-sharpens-iron culture. 

 If you had to name your favorite movie what would that be? 

 I would say Whiplash. It's a story about an aspiring drummer who unexpectedly gets a chance to join the most prestigious jazz band in the country. Once on board he is working for a professor/conductor who is absolutely ruthless and won't take anything less than perfection. As a band geek, this movie scratched an itch for me while also telling a really compelling story and the dynamics between Miles Teller (the drummer) and JK Simmons (the professor).

If I could name a second favorite movie, it would be The Avengers: End Game because it is the climax of the most iconic movie franchise of all time.

Do you have an interesting or favorite quote you’d like to share?

 I have two favorite quotes. The first was said by Ralph Waldo Emerson: ‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.’

The second comes from Warren Buffett: ‘It's not about how hard you row, it's about what boat you're in.’ To that I will add, ‘Join the WD Wealth boat, where we do the rowing and you can enjoy the voyage.’

What about recommended reading? Is there a favorite book you are reading now?

I recently read Relentless by Tim Grover. The author has decades of experience training the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and Michael Jordan. Grover teaches what a person must do to rise above and become unstoppable. He elaborates on the discipline of separating yourself from those who are great as a passage to being unstoppable. I read this book during a mental toughness challenge a few members of our team started. It really motivated me to have a mindset to not give into complacency. I realized that for me to be unstoppable requires replacing complacency with self-discipline and sacrifice.

Can you share a favorite podcast that you follow that relates to finance?

The one I want to recommend is less of a personal finance podcast and more of an entrepreneurial and sales podcast. I have been following The Game w/ Alex Hormozi. The host is an entrepreneur who has amassed over $100 million on businesses and is documenting his journey to becoming a billionaire. Along the way on this journey, he shares his most valuable lessons. Topics include how to increase sales, improve your outreach, how to retain customers. I like it that he elaborates on mistakes he has made and the aside discussions on many other topics. 


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